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“For 12 years Intechify has been part of our IT solution. Problems are never too big or small to resolve. What stands out is their level of service. Intechify is undoubtedly the best at what they do.”

Liezel janse van Nieuwenhuizen

~ Trade Execution Manager, Rand Agri

“Intechify is a highly valued extension of our business that is critical to our operations and the successes we achieve. The IT partner that delivers quality work with dedication.”

Louisa du Toit ~ Head of Information

Technology, The Insurance Crime Bureau

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tienie and his team. We especially value the immediate service we receive. Simply outstanding.”

Dr G Basson

~ Dr Basson Specialist Surgeon

“Intechify has trustworthy, highly skilled and experienced team members who understand the value of delivering IT support with a sense of urgency, making them unrivaled in our fast-paced environment.”

Tania Davy

~ Director, Absolute Office

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Our transparent pricing.

We like helping people, and to do more of that we’ll share our inner thoughts and influencing factors we use when quoting clients because we want to keep things simple and transparent. We even share some of our past and current client invoices on our pricing page so you can peruse them at your leisure. Of course, client details are redacted, we value privacy too.

3 Main Factors that Influence Pricing

1. The number of users

2. The complexity of the technology setup

3. The number of Software licenses required

Amazing service for all clients.

Here’s the best part, whether your business is big or small, you’ll get the same set of foundational services we give to all our clients.

On top of that, we also include strategic advice because we believe IT should be an asset to your business, not a grudge purchase. These foundational services included for all clients are: support, disaster prevention, backup solutions, hosting, cyber security, cloud solutions and on-site support.
You also won’t have to wait longer for a response to a support request because we aim to respond to every request within 60 minutes.
Small Businesses
R2,500 - R4,000pm

3 - 5


5 - 10
Support Calls p/w

For Example
Doctor's Office

Uses Small
Office Antivirus

Mostly Remote
Support Only

Daily Backups
to the Cloud

Medium Businesses
R5,000 - R12,000pm

6 - 10

Moderately Complex

15 - 20
Support Calls p/w

1 - 2 Onsite
Data Servers

For Example
Attorney's Office

Uses Small
Office Antivirus

Remote Support
& Few Site Visits

Daily Backups
to the Cloud

Large Businesses
from R13,000pm

11 - 50


Minimum 50
Support Calls p/w

Multiple Onsite
Data Servers

For Example
Training Company

Uses Enterprise
Level Antivirus

Remote Support
& Site Visits

Daily Backups
to the Cloud

NOTE: These price ranges are only indicative and are not final. Get in touch for an accurate quotation.

Our services at a glance.


Disaster Prevention

Backup Solutions


Cyber Security

Cloud Solutions

On-Site Support


Software Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

You outsource your IT and tech needs to an external service provider, such as computers, networks, servers and support. When you choose a supplier as a managed IT provider, the supplier should partner with you and proactively maintain and support your IT environment and technology. Some benefits to this approach include help desk and support components that strengthen your business because they are always available and have an entire team of experts versus having a single IT expert employed in your business. The cost of managed IT services is also much lower than a salaried IT expert, especially in small to medium-size businesses. External suppliers have experience in multiple industries. Lessons learned across sectors can be implemented advantageously in your business and solve problems quicker and more effectively.

Usually, we ask potential clients whether they use the internet, telephone and emails in their business daily. If one of them should fail, how will that failure impact your ability to continue doing business? If your computer crashes and all your files are on that device, what impact will this have on your business? Ask yourself – how will you protect your data? Do you have a reliable backup solution? Suppose you are a victim of a cyber attack or ransomware. How will you solve the issue or prevent this from happening again? Recent surveys reveal that 91% of organisations were running up-to-date cybersecurity at the time of an attack.

For the client, it should not be challenging. Any IT provider worth their salt should be able to move your environment without causing significant disruption to your operations. We have experience with various platforms. We know how to migrate your environment with a minimal amount of impact on you and your staff. We plan our migration after hours, over weekends or any other non-critical time that best suits your business to lower impact on your operations.

Intechify can make a positive difference in any size business, whether big or small. There are especially many positives for small and medium-sized companies since these businesses usually do not budget for full-time technology expert staff members and do not have the support of an ICO from an executive level. These days, any size business stands to benefit from better security, strategic advice and dedicated support from an external IT supplier.

Yes, this is what differentiates us from other IT companies. We are not just another external service provider. We become your technology partner and act as your technology representative for all things technology-related inside your business and between your business and third parties. Our clients do not need to worry about technical jargon, technical conversations and implications, the latest software release or the compatibility of devices. We pride ourselves in just making IT work for you.

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